Tuesday, July 14, 2009

In the tub

For some reason, my husband and I rarely shower alone. We seem to always just take showers together, and we fool around most of the time. Finding good angles to fuck at are kind of difficult though. Here is one we usually can do without me feeling like I'm going to slip and bust my ass. ( I usually brace myself with my hands on the edge of the tub, too)
Blow jobs/hand jobs are always quick and fun too, but I am in the mood for something more sensual. I plan on trying this one tonight, I'll let you know how it goes.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Condom in his pocket.

Today has been a good day. Sexually speaking, at least. I've gotten screwed twice already today, and am planning on a third. (It always helps me sleep, Lol) I remember when it was a game to see how many times my husband and I could make each other get off in one day. I think I gave him head SIX times in one day. I think he was almost completely drained of all his liquids. We would sit in his bedroom, naked and in bed all day. The tv would be constantly playing but we really weren't watching. We were kind of just infatuated with each other at that point and it really was quite sickening. (We did manage to keep the mushy crap behind closed doors, though)
We got caught fucking by his mother so many times! She didn't care though... I think she knew we were using protection or else she would have. She would knock, and then immediately open the door without any hesitation or pause. I wonder if I will torture my children like this? Once she brought him a pair of clean pajama pants from the washer. She also gave him the used condom that was stuck to them and had been washed as well. She probably tried to be upset at first, but it was so hilarious that we all just had to laugh. (and blush, of course) I'm so lucky to have a mother-in-law that I genuinely love!
On that note- I'm off to try and seduce my husband for a third time today! (Although technically he was the one doing the seducing the first two times)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Eat me.

There is nothing better than good oral. I'm sure that not everyone feels that way, but I definitely enjoy both giving and receiving. I'm usually the one going down on my husband, but that has nothing to do with the fact that I don't enjoy it. I won't let him go down on me unless I've *just* taken a shower. Just good hygiene. But to me, giving head is just as fun as getting it. It's such a huge turn on and... well...I like the way a cock feels in my mouth, ok? (Lol) It's fun to me and kind of makes me feel like a badass. Pornstar-esque even. There is definitely a reason that I enjoy doing it so much but I can't pinpoint what that reason is.
I can understand one's reasons for distaste of blowing... but it doesn't sway me from wanting to stick penis in my mouth. I have several friends who really think I'm crazy for liking dick so much. They say it's gross, ugly, and that they are 'ladies'. Bull crap. Will all the ladies who like sucking dick please raise their hands? Plus, vaginas' really aren't pretty either. As for the grossness factor- to each their own.
If you never go down on your guy... please do him a GIANT favor and blow him tonight. Drop what you're doing, pull his pants down and go at it. Be enthusiastic (but watch the teeth, of course!), and slightly aggressive. If you did it without saying a word I'm sure he would find it that much sexier. I hope he's so appreciative that you start to see the fun in it all.

Enjoy! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hola, yo soy Seks Blogger.

First post. Right. This is supposed to be good. Let's talk about sex.

I've had sexual thoughts since as long as I can remember. My first memory is one of me playing with myself in the bathtub (somewhere between the ages of 5-7?) and my older sister walking in. She let me know that what I was doing was not okay and told me to knock it off. After that I kept my thoughts and actions regarding sex to myself. Until I was in junior high of course. Then things were all about sex (I was no hussy- mind you!). Everyone seemed so confused about sex but still so eager to act on those persistent urges. I guess I felt more knowledgeable because I had always been so obsessive when it came to learning about sex. I would read/watch/listen anything that I could get my hands on. Late night HBO and the great Sue J. became my favorites. I used my imagination to make fun sex toys that I could keep hidden from my parents, and kept my interest in getting off alive.
All this time I wasn't actually sexually active. I didn't even have a boyfriend, and very few prospects. I was the smart, chubby girl in class... the sexiest thing about me was my mary janes. I didn't start to experiment sexually until around age 15 (which may seem early even still to most). I had a few same sex encounters by the time I was 16, one drunken escapade, and finally got laid at 17. Then I understood why I had always been completely fascinated by sex.

Invasion of other's privacy is completely fascinating to me. Maybe I'll make a game out of that...?